Testing Laboratory

Testing Laboratory

We have developed a strong Testing Laboratory, developed and manufactured rearview mirrors for all vehicle manufacturers worldwide with great commitment to innovation and a clear global emphasis. Our rearview mirrors include the latest technology and are designed in accordance with the style requirements of the car, while at the same time complying with all the relevant specifications and quality regulations for the performance of their functions. In order to minimise the number of tests according to the model variety of the product category, we conduct the tests by selecting the worst case first. Therefore, under the same form approval, it is possible to collect different model models along with less test numbers and costs.

Our Advantages

Facility & Flexibility

Most of our imported machines are comparable to the original equipment, which means that the quality of our mirror glass is as good as the original one.

A complete set of the facilities also give us the flexibility to customize your mirror glass down to the smallest detail.

Experience & Expertise

A combination of accumulative experience and expertise means that we can give you professional advice all about auto mirror glass.

Also, by transferring our years of experience into workable solutions, we can customize mirror glass in any shape & radius of curvature with minimum tolerance.