Mirror Glass Curvature

Convex & Aspherical Mirror Glass

Convex and aspherical mirror glass which cuts down the blind spots & offers a wider field of view is especially ideal for heavy-duty vehicles like buses and trucks.

Compared with convex mirrors which have a constant radius of curvature across the full surface, aspherical mirrors offer an even wider view with the inner portion slightly convexed and the outer 20% featuring a decreasing radius of curvature.
With a combination of glass bending techniques & molds for all car makes & models, we’re highly flexible in fabricating convex & aspheric glasses with the accurate radius of curvature.

For Convex Mirror Glass For Aspherical Mirror Glass
R1800 ± 200mm R1260 ± 60mm – 350mm
R1400 ± 100mm
R1260 ± 60mm
R800 ± 30mm R1260 ± 60mm – 600mm
R600 ± 30mm
R450 ± 30mm
R300 ± 30mm
R220 ± 20mm R1400 ± 100mm – 350mm
R150 ± 10mm
R100 ± 10mm

Other Coating Options